Amazing Healing Abilities of an Eastern Blue Tongue

(Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)

This Blue Tongue Lizard was found with a horrific injury involving broken ribs and the loss of full thickness skin, exposing internal organs. We were told this was a dog attack but it looked more like an injury from some type of machinery.

1 Fig. 1: Initial injury on 19th December 2012 2

Fig. 2: On 30/12/2012, clean wound is beginning to heal.

  The speed of the healing was amazing.


Fig. 3: On 6/1/2013 with new dressing


 Fig. 4: On 9/1/2013 healing is continuing well

The broken rib sections died and came away after only 21 days.

5Fig. 5: On  4/1/2013, looking pretty good 6Fig. 6: On 16/1/2013, continuing good healing without infection

The other interesting aspect was the lack of bleeding.

7Fig 7: On 21/1/2013. 8Fig. 8: On 21/1/ 2013 with new dressing

After 5 weeks and veterinary care, healing was essentially complete and it was released back into the wild in a safe spot near where it had come from. 

9Fig. 9: On 29/1/2013, almost fit for release. A great recovery.

Blue tongue lizards are essentially gentle creatures and rarely bite. Their main defence is bluff: hissing and sticking out their wide blue tongue. They are a great asset to have in a garden, eating snails and other plant pests. If you have one in your garden, DON’T use snail bait. It will kill the lizard that eats the poisoned snails.

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