Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata)

I took a call from an elderly lady who told me she had a snake caught in a spider’s web. This focussed my attention immediately as this was something I had never seen. I headed off, doubtful this could be true and expecting to be disappointed. Sure enough, there it was: a young Marsh Snake that weighed in at just 16 grams tangled in a spider’s web.



I could see that the web appeared to be old, messy and contained debris. Thankfully there was no spider in sight.



The snake was very distressed and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t free himself.








On closer inspection I noticed that the web had caused the tail to be curled right around.





From the snake’s demeanour it seemed it had been trapped for quite some time as it was frantic. I could see that the more the snake struggled and twisted the more entangled his tail became.


After freeing him, this gorgeous little snake was allowed to enjoy some quiet time relaxing in recovery before being released in the same garden.


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Reptile Rescue & Education Service

Blue Mountains


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