Olive Python (Liasis olivaceus)

This animal presented into our care on 19th June 2012 with a noticeable respiratory infection, mouth infection (canker) and skin rot.
The history of this animal is that it was illegally taken from the wild in Darwin by members of the public (mops) and kept in captivity at a caravan park in Darwin for some months before the mops returned to their home in Cowra.
The terrible condition of this animal was the direct result of neglect and lack of understanding of the animal’s basic needs to survive by those who kept her.

OP1Fig 1: On 19th June 2012, as received

OP2Fig 2: On 20th June 2012

Eventually the animal was passed into a local wildlife group and given the opportunity to be treated for multiple life threatening conditions. However, after a time her upper teeth began dislodging and bleeding of the upper jaw set in. Veterinary opinion was that there was most probably chronic infection in the bone of the upper jaw which was likely to be too advanced to be treated. At that stage a treatment plan was devised with the intention to euthanise if there was no improvement after 6 weeks.


 Fig 3: On 22nd June 2012, settling in before further deterioration


 Fig 4: On 10th July 2012, problems sloughing


 Fig 5: On 10th July 2012, being hydrated


 Fig 6: On 27th July 2012, feeling a little better


 Fig 7: On 13th August 2012, starting to look gorgeous



Fig 8: On 31st August 2012, ready for adoption … and the next day she had her first meal.

This lovely gentle girl was adopted into a loving home and is now called Princess Olivia.

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