Pink Tongued Skink (Cyclodomorphus gerrardii)

At the end of October I took a phone call from a young man with a strong Irish accent who told me he had a crocodile that had been attacked by his German shepherd dog. Upon arrival I found a severely injured Pink Tongued Skink!




She had suffered a large gash to her body through which internal organs and a string of eggs were protruding.






As it was too late in the day to access a vet, immediate first aid was administered and the wound dressed so that no further damage could occur during the night.




The next morning Dr Andrew Laws of Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital very kindly repositioned the organs and eggs and stitched the wound with lovely purple thread. Carefully the little girl was taken home for the recovery process.




After three weeks she was placed in an outside aviary and three weeks later the stitches were removed.




She returned to the surgery for a photo opportunity and as you can see Andrew was very pleased with her recovery. She was pretty pleased about it too.




Many thanks to Andrew and his staff at Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital for a great job well done.




The Pink Tongued Skink then posed for a couple of shots before release …


A lovely spot was chosen for her release at the end of the street where she originally came from. Plenty of warm sunny rock ledges to bask on, and shady crevices to hide in and hunt for food.



A big thank you to Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital for taking the time to care for our native wildlife.

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